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Here is a selection of Hanna’s radio stories.

September 8, 2011
PRI’s The World

India’s Bias for Boys

July 20, 2010
Outer Voices

Maternal Mortality in Assam’s Tea Gardens

July 20, 2010
Outer Voices

Boat Clinics on the Brahmaputra

June 10-13, 2010
CBC Radio’s Dispatches

Life Beyond Birth, India (Story plus interview with Hanna)

May 8, 2008
NPR’s Day to Day

Anger at the Myanmar Tragedy

April 1, 2008
Annenberg Radio News

Misperceptions of the Homeless Cause Policy Problem

October 9, 2007
NPR’s Morning Edition
California Student Reflects on Myanmar

November 16, 2007
Annenberg Radio News
Ex-Offenders Face Difficulties Finding Jobs

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